A new era of Hawaiian jewelry featuring the lei, a motif synonymous with Hawaii.

No matter how beautiful and pretty the lei is when you wear it around your neck in Hawaii, since it is a fresh flower, it will not last forever, and you are not even allowed to take it home with you when you leave.

This lei, which is filled with many memories of Hawaii, is expressed as an accessory.

All of the pieces are colored in Hawaii using actual flowers, sometimes we create imaginary hues as the motifs, and no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

The back of the piece is engraved with the year in which it was made.

Since all pieces are sold separately, the greatest feature of this product is that you can express your unique personality and individual memories, by assembling it the way you like.

"ALOHA Reminiscence" is the only Hawaiian jewelry in the world, that is filled with your unforgettable memories.